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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 6, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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died. christie smith has more on this mysterious circumstance regarding her death. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. fairfield police and sasoon police plan to release new details. i just got off the phone with fairfield police. they tell me they're having an internal meeting at noon today and they hope to come up with something later this afternoon to release to the public. this is where the body of genelle conway-allen was found. friends say she was very friendly, loved to talk. but there are questions about how she ended up here about five miles from where she was last seen on tape. >> it's just sad. you know what i mean? because you think about your kids. >> reporter: katie hernandez joined a line of distraught fairfield friends who came to pay their respects to genelle conway-allen. her body found in alan witt park
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friday. >> having all girls, it's scary. we see kids walk through this park all the time. now just something to watch for, when you see kids walking by themselves, pull up and let them know that they need to walk in a pack. >> reporter: fairfield police have released this surveillance photo of the teen by the intersection of east tabor and grant circle. he says he lives in that area and says it was not the safest. he was troubled to see that picture taken right there. >> it's nauseating. absolutely nauseating. >> reporter: she was wearing a gray sweater, skinny blue jeans and a pink backpack. she lived in sassoon city and lived in a foster home. this is video of her recording a message with friends, typical teen video now haunting to those who want answers. >> all we can do is pray that she's in a right place, you know? >> reporter: fairfield police tell me that that press conference today will most
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likely happen around 4:00 this afternoon. i'm also told there will be a candlelight vigil for genelle here friday evening. reporting for nbc bay area news, christie smith. a street car accident has been reported, and this one looks to be pretty serious. serious injuries happening in san francisco. >> the cable car crashed with another vehicle at powell and washington in san francisco. san francisco police just confirming with our newsroom that one person has life-threatening injuries but in all five people are involved in this cable car and car crash in san francisco, powell and washington. >> once again, five people injured. total one life-threatening. we'll keep you posted on the accident at powell and washington. we'll have more information as it comes in. three men are dead and a killer is on the loose following a triple homicide in sonoma county. the sheriff's department says the bodies of those three men
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were found inside a cabin on rogs station road. this is near iron horse vineyards. this happened yesterday. this is also in the town of forestville. all three men were shot to death in a back bedroom of a home. officers have not released the men's identities or how they are related. they say it does not appear to be a murder/suicide. also new this morning, an overnight fire in san leandro has now turned deadly. firefighters arriving at a home on neptune drive just about 5:00 this morning. that's a block from the oyster bay regional shoreline. firefighters there still on the scene at the house on neptune drive. flames broke out just before, as we told you, about 5:00 this morning. that person we talked about was pulled out through a window and immediately taken to the hospital. we have just learned that person died a short time later. firefighters there, they say the flames, they were able to put them out within 20 minutes. the cause of this fire still remains under investigation. new details will be revealed
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later today. san francisco police say they have new information in the kevin collins cold case and plan to release that information at 2:30 this afternoon. you'll remember collins was last seen leaving his school in the haight-ashbury neighborhood in february of 1984. he was 10 years old at the time. of course we'll be at today's police briefing and have the very latest on nbc bay area news at 5:00. palo alto police this morning still looking for a man who tried to grab an 11-year-old girl. they say the man looks like this, and he attempted to grab that girl on monday as she rode past him on her bike. that girl did tell police she was on emerson street when that man attempted to grab her. the good news is she was able to get away and she got home safely. >> sweeping changes that will affect your mail. today the postmaster general announcing that starting in august the post office plans to stop delivering mail on saturdays. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the post office in
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downtown san jose with reaction from today's decision. this is interesting. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. yes, disappointment from customers we spoke with outside the main post office here in downtown san jose, but a general understanding that they believe this does need to be taken care of, needs to be done. starting in about six months you can say good-bye to saturday letter delivery. starting august 1st, the post office says it will stop first class mail delivery on the weekend day. that means no letters, bills, cards, cattle ogs, but deliveries of packages, mail order medicine, express mail, deliveries to post office boxes will not be affected an the post offices that are already open on saturdays will stay open on saturdays. now this morning at a news conference the u.s. postmaster general says the elimination of saturday mail is necessary to save about $2 billion a year. money that is badly needed. just last year the postal service lost almost $16 billion. that was a record amount.
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it was so bad it defaulted on billions of dollars of payments to its pension fund. the post office blames some of its recent troubles on the internet as more and more customers stop buying stamps and instead pay their bills online, which is free and much more convenient. >> letter care yertss tell me, mr. donahue, get the five-day, preserve package delivery on saturday. customers want that. we don't have enough mail to sustain that. they know that. >> everything in my post box is flyers and bills. >> on saturdays? >> on every day. >> so you are not going to miss either of those? >> rightp. >> i'm disappointed in the way the government's going right now. they're closing all these jobs down for people. and basically it's a tragic thing. a lot of jobs lost by that, don't you agree? >> well, the postal service says it will save money through attrition and by reassigning its staff. the post office has been trying
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for years to drop saturday letter service but never received congressional approval. it finally threw up its hands and made this decision on its own. it's unclear how lawmakers will respond to this and run around. the union that represents letter carriers is calling this latest decision disastrous, saying the elimination of saturday letter service will hurt business, farm communities and those who are elderly and disabled. bob redell, nbc bay area news. right now we want to update you on that breaking news out of san francisco. a pretty serious accident here. a cable car has had an accident running into a car. five people total have been injured. one of those being reported is life threatening. so again a very serious accident. this is at powell and washington there in san francisco. again, five people total have been injured. one of those injuries is life threatening. we'll keep you posted as more information comes in. limited right now, but we are on top of this one and we'll keep you posted.
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new this morning, the boy scouts executive board delaying it decision on reversing a longstanding policy to exclude gay members and leaders. a po a spokesman says the policy won't be voted on until the annual meeting in may. the decision was supposed to have been made today during a board meeting in texas where it's headquartered. a bay area family that's following the news closely is the family of ryan andreesen. he's the openly gay scout who was denied the rank of eagle scout after completing all the requirements. his family calls the policy change, if it happens, a baby step in the right direction. a san francisco 49er who made headlines during the super bowl for homophobic remarks is now asking for some sensitivity training. chris culliver has apologized. he's turned to the national organization called the trevor project for some help. that helps lgbt youth. and they can help culliver
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understand exactly how hateful words can lead to tragedy. >> a lot of our youth have fear, they live with prejudice and hate, and the impact that that has. so we see this as an opportunity to educate chris. >> well, the trevor project will meet with culliver planning to do that over the next couple of weeks. a spokesperson for the 49ers says the team will also reach out to lgbt groups as well. >> if you're outside at all today, you'll feel the sunshine out there, but rain is on the way. >> rain is on the way, so seize the day. i'm a poet but i knew it. let's show you our weather headlines and what we're expecting for today. as you can see here, this is san francisco. we have filtered sunshine today. looks kind of hazy out there. happy to report it's not a spare the air day, they've got good air quality for the bay area. temps are warming up nicely. as marla pointed out a lot more sunshine today than this time yesterday. pretty nice day today. enjoy it while it lasts. as of this time tomorrow we'll
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be tracking showers and a cold blast trailing behind a storm system that could force snow levels down to 1500 feet. some rare bay area snow possible. also more snow headed to the sierra-nevada just in time for the weekend. i know two want to know how the weekend will be. >> always focused on the weekend. good rain news, too. guess we need it. the anti-doping agency tells lance armstrong your time is up. what the former cyclist has to do for a chance to possibly have his ban lifted. governor jerry brown blows off his counterpart from texas following rick perry's new campaign to take business from california. that's just ahead. should silicon valley be expanded to include san francisco? we'll take a look. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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governor jerry brown is brushing off texas governor rick perry as only governor brown knows how to do. governor brown is running an ad right here in california telling businesses to move to the lone star state for a better business climate. >> there are plenty of reasons texas has been named the best state for doing business for eight years running. visit texas wide open for and see why our low taxes, sensible regulations and fair legal system are just the thing to get your business moving. to texas. that ad obviously controversi controversial, but governor brown not sweating it at all. he completely blew it off at a press event celebrating the launch of new u.p.s. trucks in sacramento. >> look, when you got something good, people want to be here. in 1848 people wanted to come to california and take our gold. well, yeah, you go where the gold is.
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they're coming to california because this is where it is. he's not going to lubbock or wherever those places are that make up that state. so a lot of these texans that come here, they don't go back. who would want to spend their summers in 110-degree heat? >> that is old school pitbull style. got to love the governor. governor brown also striking a serious note saying he is aware that businesses are moving out of california. brown points out it's an issue he's committed to working on. however, regulatory reform and he wants to look at fixing the budget. >> telling it like it is. despite california's troubles, silicon valley continues to grow, though scott mcgrew says they're changing the definition of silicon valley. >> yes, good morning. they being two groups, silicon valley, according to them, now includes san francisco, which is most certainly not a valley, but the two groups said last night they consider san francisco
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county, san mateo county and, of course, santa clara county to be silicon valley. they're even adding in parts of the east bay in santa cruz county. i'm curious what you think. you can send us your thoughts on facebook page. that south bay gained more than 42,000 jobs in the past year. that's an astounding number. 15,000 in san francisco. look at it this way. more jobs added than there are people living in the entire city of cupertino. jobs, yes, but maybe not as much money. incomes in the bay area, according to that same report, still below where they were before the recession. the lowest they've been in 11 years. for some families it's actually getting worse. the study says hispanics and african-american families saw their incomes fall significantly. whites and asian gained but only about 2%. back to you. >> thank you, scott.
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>> scott, thanks a lot. it's that time of year here in the bay area that if you don't like the weather, just wait 24 hours and it's going to be different. >> indeed. keeps me on my toes. 11:17. good morning to you jon and marla. good morning to you at home. looks like a lot of haze situated over san jose. we have filtered sunshine out there for today. what i can tell you is even with that haze we're still in the good air quality range just about everywhere. 50 degrees in napa, 51 and temperatures now are just about as warm as the warmest point of the day yesterday. so it's going to be nice. as we continue to ramp up the temperatures until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. the showers coming through tonight are going to improve that scenario even more so. 61 degrees in places like gilroy and 57 around the bay, inner bay, 57 in san francisco. here's our weathermaker. tracking closer and closer to
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the bay area coastline as we speak. we're not expecting any significant rainfall until tomorrow morning. we stop the clock on your futurecast. mostly north of the golden gate bridge. continue that stop. at 8:00 a.m. that's when the main front starts to push to the south between 8:00 and noon. the bulk of the moisture comes through. when we meet back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m., we'll be tracking these showers for you. we need the rain. we started out february very dry as well. first storm system of the month. we stop that clock for you again getting into 8:00 p.m. thursday. showers starting to lighten up a bit. residual activity friday morning. our future cast picking up a mix of rain and snow, down to about 2,000 feet. so it's going to get interesting around here once that blast settle in. in fact, near record cold across parts of the bay area. seven-day outlook tells the story, help you plan accordingly. friday to saturday, we're
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expecting the coldest days, then sunday to monday lots of sunshine. don't forget, our giants fan fest this saturday at at&t park. a little cool but lots of sunshine for our world champion san francisco giants. back to you. >> that is right. impossible to forget that. >> the celebration live on. coming up at 11:00, it is deadline day in the doping case against lance armstrong. we'll tell you about the deal that could possibly lift that lifetime ban of his from cycling. lindsey vonn's coach makes a bold prediction just one day after this horrific crash that will send her under the knife. coming up next, "30 rock." [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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we continue to follow this breaking news in san francisco. very serious cable car crash. it's a cable car versus a vehicle. this is happening on powell at
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washington very close to chinatown. giving you a live look from our chopper, you can see plenty of emergency crews on scene. we're told that one person has life-threatening injuries. that is according to san francisco police. in all, though, five people injured in this cable car crash. powell and washington. again, one person said to have life-threatening injuries. we're working this story from our newsroom and of course from the skies. from our chopper. we'll keep you updated throughout the day. in other news, lance armstrong needs to act fast if he wants to see that lifetime ban possibly lifted from his cycling career. the u.s. anti-doping agency says in exchange for information on his drug use, it may lift his ban from cycling, but he only has until the end of today to cooperate. orm strong telling the organization, no, he cannot meet that deadline, but instead he's planning to cooperate with the world anti-doping agency. just last month all of us recall he admitted to using performance
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enhancing drugs to cheat his way to that record seven tour de france titles. olympic medalist hopeful lindsey vonn is recovering after that horrific accident during a race in austria yesterday. but now all eyes are on the alpine skier to see if she'll be able to heal in time for the 2014 olympic games exactly one year from today in sochi, russia. vonn will head home for surgery next week after tearing two ligaments in her right knee, then breaking a bone in her lower leg in yesterday's crash at the world championships. she was helicoptered out, as you can see, then taken to a local hospital. vonn is the most successful american skier in history. and her coach says he expects vonn to return in time for those winter games. >> lindsey will be able to get through this thing. she was back at the hotel after the accident. she was in good spirits plotting her rehab and her next steps people confident we'll see lindsey vonn in sochi next year.
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this is a crazy stat. vonn has been injured in every championship event, olympics and world championships since 2007. and of course keep in mind bay area is your home for the winter games. we'll keep you posted on all the local athletes and all the events going on at the sochi games in one year. >> what would our newscast be without some talk of the 49ers. just a few days after a heartbreaking super bowl loss, jim harbaugh takes to the field once again. >> but this time a different kind of green.
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49ers head coach jim harbaugh, how does he mend a broken heart? by heading to one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. >> coach harbaugh has been added to that field from this week's at&t pebble beach national pro/am. planning to team up with pro jason day. they'll be part of a foursome that includes mr. perfect
11:26 am
himself, san francisco giants star matt cain. this is not the first time the coach has played in this tournament. last year his caddie alex smith who at the time was his starting quarterback. we know what's happened since then. no word if kaepernick will step in. colin kaepernick can carry jim's clubs. but that would be cool to see. play starts up tomorrow. >> in case you're wondering, i still do have my colin kaepernick tattoo. under here. >> that's called a commitment for the game. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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